Okazya Kitchen was founded in 1985, a small 'mom n' pops' restaurant, not far from downtown Fullerton. At first, we had a slow start but soon rapidly picked up and received a warm welcome from the folks of Fullerton, especially from the hard working class of various local commercial and industrial companies that are looking for a good hearty meal at a good price. Our most loyal patrons remember when the Hughes Aircraft and Hunt's Ketchup factory had moved, where we lost many of our lunch regulars. A lot has changed since then, we realized that in order to win over the hearts of the locals and beyond, we must hone our craft; bringing good flavor and consistent quality to create a blend of modern spin and the American culture to traditional Japanese food to appeal to a diverse array of palettes. We carry a 'small town' feel in Okazya Kitchen and would like you to feel the same way we feel about each other behind the kitchen as well as in front it.